Sherry Cagan

Stand4Lyme Foundation

Stand4Lyme Foundation, joins forces with an extraordinary group of scientists at Stanford University to pave a medical path to wellness for patients at stages of Lyme disease. They have established the Stand4Lyme Fund at the Stanford School of Medicine to expedite medical advancements for Lyme disease. Through direct contributions to Stanford, donors to the fund have the exciting opportunity to partner with the Stanford Lyme Working Group—a collaborative collection of brilliant minds who share a sense of urgency to accelerate cutting-edge research in Lyme disease. The world can Stand united behind this revolutionary platform and exceptional and unique program at Stanford, that includes collaborations at other leading institutions and holds great promise to solve the puzzles that may one day bring a cure.

We are honored to have the support of Stand4Lyme. Its founders Sherry and Laird Cagan
have been steady supporters of Stanford University and have been instrumental in helping
advance national research for Lyme disease. In their personal quest for a curative
treatment, and as catalysts for the creation of the Stanford Lyme Working Group, they
inspire us to accelerate medical advancements to make Lyme disease history.

- Mark Davis, PhD, and Laura Roberts, MD, MA Co-leaders, Stanford Lyme Working Group.

Stanford Lyme Working Group

Stand4LymeFoundation Founder and President, Sherry Cagan, nearly lost her life to Lyme in 2011 and Lyme disease has stolen both her daughters’ youth. She and her husband Laird will not stand by while it steals their young adulthood and is possibly passed on to their children.They stand up to the challenge of finding answers for their family and the millions who remain debilitated, directing their efforts to the collective knowledge and science of some of the world’s leading scientists at Stanford to expedite a potential curative treatment for Lyme disease. Please stand united and partner in “Paving a Path to Wellness for Lyme Disease.”